In 2012, I helped start a podcast called Product People.

Over the years I interviewed countless founders, developers, makers, and designers who’d built products.

There was a common thread. Even though these folks were making different things (SaaS, web applications, training, books, physical objects) they were all leveraging the internet and technology to build and launch their creations.

My interviews included people like Jason Fried and DHH from Basecamp, angel investor Jason Calacanis, Tom and Dan from Studio Neat, Nathan Barry, Rob Walling, Josh Pigford, Patio11, Paul Jarvis, Tracy Osborn, Nate Kontny, and more.

For years, I’ve thrown around the idea of making a film on these people. Actually flying to their location, where they work, and interviewing them about how and why they got into building products.

Would you be interested in a film like that?

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